Ridges in Fingernails: Types, Causes, and Treatment


Many factors may contribute to the development of ridges on your fingernails. It could be stress, kidney disorders, or thyroid disease. In most cases, ridges in fingernails are usually harmless. The state of your fingernails reveals a lot about the state of your health.

A common change is the presence of horizontal or vertical ridges in the fingernails. Ridges and other changes in the nails may occur due to a wide variety of health conditions. Vertical ridges are the most common changes that occur in the fingernails, and they are harmless. In most cases, the presence of horizontal ridges is usually an indicator of an underlying condition.

Your doctor will recommend various tests and thorough diagnoses to help people and their doctors choose which treatment plan works best for you. It would help to contact your doctor immediately if you experience any signs of ridges on your fingernails.