Ovarian Cancer Facts – Signs, Symptoms, Risks Factors & Treatment

What Is Ovarian Cancer and What Symptoms Are Associated with It?

Tumors of the ovary, or ovarian cancers, originate when abnormal cells in the ovary multiply uncontrollably. If the tumor is not removed, it might invade nearby tissues and organs. Metastatic ovarian cancer [1] describes this condition. Warning signs are common, although the initial symptoms are typically overlooked. Early detection rates are about 20%.

Symptoms may not appear until it has already progressed, grown, and spread throughout the abdominal cavity. This can complicate an early diagnosis. The following are examples of possible symptoms:

  • Suffering from tummy troubles such as bloating, gas, or pain
  • Being characterized by abnormal vaginal hemorrhage or discharge.
  • Alterations in bowel movements, such as a shift from diarrhea to constipation,
  • Any unexplained tumors or a rise in abdominal circumference.
  • Experiencing urine urgency or frequency