10 Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is marked by slow bowel movements and hard stools that can be difficult or even painful to pass. If you are constipated, you may have fewer than three bowel movements per week. This condition affects approximately 20 percent [1] of people living in the United States.

You may become constipated due to several reasons. Sometimes this has to do with your diet and lifestyle choices, medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, or even medication. Millions of people with this problem cannot point to an identifiable cause. When the cause of your constipation is unknown, doctors may assign it the term chronic idiopathic constipation.

Regardless of the cause, constipation can negatively impact your quality of life. In this article, you will learn 10 of the best ways to remedy this condition and improve your wellbeing.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your stool gets extra hard when you are constipated because your body absorbs water from it the longer it stays in your bowels. Dehydration can also directly contribute to the onset of constipation. Drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration can help relieve constipation and reduce [2] the incidence.

Some studies [3] suggest that drinking carbonated or sparkling water is more effective at relieving constipation symptoms than regular tap water, but this is not always true. Some people with constipation caused by irritable bowel syndrome may notice that taking carbonated drinks makes their symptoms worse.

If sparkling water typically worsens your symptoms, tap water is fine.