Best Diet Tips for Prediabetes

Reduce Carbs with the Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index (GI) is an essential tool that individuals can use to know how a specific food can affect blood sugar. Consuming foods with a high level of GI will raise blood sugar faster. On the other hand, foods with lower GI have lower effects on the spike of blood sugar.

Foods with a high fiber level contain low GI, and processed or refined foods without fiber are high on the Glycemic Index. It’s important to reduce carbs because foods with a high level of refined carbohydrates are high on the GI. For example, foods like white bread, potatoes, soda, and juice are inadvisable for prediabetes individuals.

It’s safer to consume foods that are low or medium on the GI. Foods ranked medium include whole-wheat bread and brown rice. Individuals can consume foods low on the GI like steel-cut oats, beans, corn, sweet potatoes, nonstarchy vegetables, and pasta.