Can Mold in the Toilet Indicate Diabetes?  


A particular kind of fungus called mold grows and prospers in wet areas. Molds function to decompose plant and animal materials in the natural world.

Indoors, mold is also a possibility. They are frequently found in places with more moisture exposure, such bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, at some point, you’ve probably seen a mold ring in your toilet.

According to one hypothesis, having mold in your toilet on a regular basis could indicate diabetes. This is due to the possibility of high sugar levels in diabetic urine, which the mold feeds on. Read on to discover more.

What science has to say?

There are no conclusive scientific studies that link having toilet mold with diabetes [1].

The presence of recurrent mold growth in your toilet, however, may indicate that you or a member of your family is suffering from undiagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes. This is why.