Causes of Swollen Ankles

A fluid buildup commonly causes swollen ankles in the ankle area. They are usually called edema, and they often go away without treatments. Usually, a swollen ankle doesn’t call for intense medical attention as it is usually due to an extended time of walking and standing.

Aside from gout attacks from extended standing and walking, it may also rise due to old age. Swollen ankles may also occur due to a car ride or flight. Many medical conditions can be linked to a swollen leg. Examples of these conditions are rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy, kidney failure, heart failure, and more. Here are 12 common causes of swollen ankles:

Liver Disease

Albumin is a protein that is produced by a healthy human liver. It is a protein that effectively prevents fluid from leaking out of the blood vessels into other surrounding tissues in the body. Hence, deficient protein levels in the body due to liver disease may cause the ankles to experience a buildup of fluid.

When individuals experience a condition of swollen ankles, it’s advisable to consult an experienced medical professional. A doctor will help provide medications or advice on lifestyle changes like a diet that may help prevent liver damage. Besides diet changes, other examples of lifestyle changes that may be advised are exercising frequently and avoiding alcohol intake.