Some Treatments for Angina

Lifestyle Changes

Angina pectoris can be helped by making lifestyle changes that reduce your risk of heart disease.


Exercise and stress reduction [2] are good lifestyle changes when treating angina. Exercise can be especially tricky for people with angina. Ask your doctor to recommend appropriate exercises for you so you don’t inadvertently worsen your condition.


Cholesterol-clogged arteries are a leading cause of restricted blood flow to the heart. Avoiding foods high in cholesterol can help prevent your arteries from getting blocked further [3]. You should avoid or limit your intake of fried foods and ultra-processed foods and meats. These tend to be high in bad cholesterol and saturated fats which can build up in your blood vessels.

Replace these foods with diets rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Avoid Smoking

Long-term smoking can worsen angina [4]. The smoke can damage the inner walls of the arteries in your heart. This makes it easier for cholesterol to accumulate and hamper blood flow to your heart.

You should stop smoking if you currently do. Avoid secondhand smoke and tobacco products too. These are just as bad as smoking for your angina.