How to Treat Boils?

Boils are red, pus-filled bumps that occur beneath the skin. They are mostly painful and grow bigger until they burst and drain. Boils can grow as big as a baseball. When it is bigger than normal, it is called skin abscesses. They can appear anywhere in the body.

The area around the boil appears to be red and can be painful. It is vital to avoid picking or squeezing a boil, so they don’t burst, infect close areas, or push the infection deeper beneath the skin. They should be drained properly by a doctor. If a boil is drained badly, it can cause boils in other areas.

If drainage is required, a doctor will do a little incision on the boil and use sterile gauze to suck up and erase additional pus. This procedure should be done by a professional in a clean environment.

There are several methods used in treating boils. They include:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains potent antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics. These properties may help fight bacterial infection responsible for the boil.

Tea tree oil should not be rubbed directly on the skin, because it can have burning effects. It is best to mix at least 4 drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil.

Put the mixture on a cotton swab and place it on a boil two or three times a day. It is vital to continue applying until the boil is permanently gone.