Exercises for Two Types of Spinal Stenosis


Spinal stenosis occurs when the spaces in your vertebral column become narrow [1] and reduce the room available to your spinal cord and nerves. It can affect the spinal canal or intervertebral spaces where your spinal nerves leave the spinal canal.

There are two main types of spinal stenosis, although it is possible to have both types. Lumbar spinal stenosis affects the spine of the lower back. Cervical spinal stenosis affects the spine of the neck. Both conditions can be really painful and debilitating. In severe cases, they can result in disability.

Spinal stenosis often develops slowly over time and can be hard to spot until it has progressed significantly. While there is n cure for the condition, treatments and lifestyle changes can greatly improve your symptoms.

Frequent exercise is one of the best ways to improve spinal stenosis. It can help increase blood flow, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility. Exercises are important, but the wrong types can worsen your symptoms.