Varicose Vein Stripping (Phlebectomy)

What Is Varicose Vein Stripping?

Varicose vein stripping is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of varicose veins from the legs or thighs. This procedure can only be done by a professional medical practitioner.

Varicose veins [1] are the puffy, twisted veins that you can see through the skin. They are usually red or bluish-purple in color. These veins most often appear in the legs, but they may also develop in other parts of the body.

Varicose vein stripping is done to treat varicose veins and stop them from coming back. The procedure is also referred to as vein stripping with ligation, ablation, or avulsion.

Currently, varicose vein stripping has largely been replaced by either endovenous laser ablation [2] or radio frequency ablation [3]. Both of these techniques are considered less invasive, safer and more effective than vein stripping.

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