10 Common Potassium-Rich Foods in Life

The right amount of potassium is necessary for fluid balance, nerve signals, and muscle contractions. The benefits of this mineral are limitless, which stresses why we need more of it. Did you know diets with lots of potassium help water retention, protect against stroke, and prevent kidney stones? Now, you may realize the reason why you need foods high in this mineral.

Even though potassium is a significant mineral, you should take it in proportion. Don’t worry; there’s no cause for alarm. It’s highly unlikely that you ever take too much potassium. However, please note that potassium affects the way the heart muscles work when in excess. As one of the seven essential macrominerals, the body needs a minimum of 100 milligrams daily. After this article, you will see the different foods that can help you hit that mark. Let’s delve into details.


One thing banana is known for is its high potassium content. In 100g of banana, you can get as high as 358 mg. Compared to other potassium sources, banana is just the best potassium source you need for your diet.  Interestingly, they are also sources of Vitamin C, which is crucial for the growth and development of body tissues.

Bananas contribute to the immune system’s proper functioning, wound healing, and maintenance of bones and teeth. You have 13% of your daily manganese needs in one average size of a banana.