The Types and Symptoms of Seizure

Focal Seizures

Focal seizures affect only one part of the brain. These kinds of seizures may or may not cause loss of consciousness. Their symptoms may sometimes be mixed-up with those of other neurological problems such as mental illness, narcolepsy, or migraine.

  • Simple partial seizure

This kind of seizure usually doesn’t cause loss of consciousness. The symptoms of simple partial seizures are relatively mild. These may include dizziness and twitching or tingling of the arms and legs. You may experience emotional changes such as sudden anxiety, joy, anger, or sadness.

You may also feel like your sense of taste, smell, sight, hearing or touch has been altered. Some people may experience nausea, temporary speech impairment, or see flashing lights.

  • Complex partial seizures

Complex partial seizures often cause loss of consciousness or awareness. During this seizure, it can feel like you’re in a dream state. Most people stare blankly into space. They do not respond to external stimuli at all or they perform repetitive actions until the seizure passes.

Hand rubbing, circular walking, mouth movements, or the repetition of certain words are all symptoms of complex partial seizures. Many people do not recall experiencing a seizure after they recover.