Can ADHD Cause Tics? 

Tics are unintentional, jerky movements that you make repeatedly.

You might, for instance, twitch your nose or neck repeatedly, shrug your shoulders, or blink more forcefully than usual. Some people have vocal tics, causing them to make sounds like coughing, grunting, or sniffling. The intricacy, intensity, source, and anticipated duration of these noises and movements all vary.

Tics that occur frequently every day and persist for more than a year may be a symptom of a tic disease like Tourette syndrome [1] or they may be the result of a recent sickness like strep throat.

You may be wondering whether the tics have anything to do with ADHD if you or a child in your care has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). [2] Keep reading to learn about the relationship between the two conditions.

How Are Tics and ADHD Connected?

ADHD is a complicated condition with a wide range of symptoms and consequences. Although ADHD does not directly cause tics, it can co-occur with a tic problem in some persons. Additionally, tics may be an indication of another disorder in addition to ADHD.

There has been significant uncertainty over the years over whether ADHD drugs could aggravate or exacerbate tics. What the research suggests is as follows.