8 Treatments for Shoulder Pain

There are two joints in the shoulder (glenohumeral and acromioclavicular); these joints give structure, support and flexibility to the shoulder. Because of this, the shoulder joint permits the highest range of movement in the body. Where numerous muscles originate or insert from the shoulder. When the structures in the joint are injured, it causes pain in the shoulder.

Pains in the shoulder mainly affect a small area and do not last for a long time. However, in some severe, severe complications such as polymyalgia [1], rheumatic [2] and osteoarthritis [3], could last for a very long time. Pains in the neck can also extend to the shoulder as they are very close to each other; when this pain extends, it is commonly called radiated pain or referred pain.

A regular visit to the hospital can help detect discomforts in the shoulder before they aggravate so that appropriate treatment can be given. The preferred remedies to shoulder pain are:

Muscles Relaxant

Shoulder pain could be a result of muscle strain. Muscle relaxants are usually used to relieve the pain caused by this strain. Examples of muscle relaxants are; cyclobenzaprine [4], baclofen [5], tizanidine [6]. Muscle relaxants are to be prescribed by doctors. It is important to note that these relaxants cause drowsiness, so they should not be used when driving or working.