Effective Remedies for Leg Pain Relief

Leg pain can arise from musculoskeletal, vascular or neurological issues.[1] Most pain in the leg is caused by external injury or overuse. The severity of the pain can range from a dull ache to a mind-splitting stab. Leg pain usually improves on its own with time or with mild treatment.

In some cases, leg pain can be persistent and interrupt with daily life, refusing to resolve on its own. This kind of leg pain is often caused by an underlying health condition. [2] If your leg pain is persistent or if the cause is not clear, you should see a doctor. It may be a sign of a serious, possibly life-threatening, health problem.

Most leg pain can be treated or relieved without having to make an appointment. This article will discuss some effective remedies for leg pain.

Use a Cold Compress

Leg pain, especially those resulting from sport injuries or exercise, is usually due to inflammation. Using a cold compress can help reduce this inflammation and relieve the pain. To do this, wrap ice cubes in a towel or washcloth and press it against the affected area. Hold it in place for about 20 minutes and repeat this a couple of times a day until the pain goes.

You should never apply ice directly on your skin. Doing so might cause damage to your skin. Frozen peas can be used as an alternative because they hold cold well. [3] It helps that you can mold them to fit the shapes you want.

Use a Warm Compress

You can also use a warm, not hot, pad to relieve leg pain. This is particularly effective if poor blood circulation is the cause of the pain. Using a warm compress can help boost blood circulation, loosen the muscles, and relieve pain.

A warm compress is applied in about the same way a cold compress is. Press a heat pad gently against the painful area and hold it. The heat had should stay on your leg for about 15 minutes. Some people choose to alternate between a cold and warm compress when treating leg pain.