Ovarian Cancer Treatments Effects on Sexuality


Diagnosis of ovarian cancer and its treatment may have negative effects on sex life. It affects people differently, but you will mostly experience symptoms that include reduced libido, vaginal dryness [1], and painful intercourse.

In some cases, women diagnosed with ovarian cancer may be in a different headspace when it comes to intimacy. This may not last long or it could prove difficult to solve. Women having problems with sex and intimacy around the world should know that they are not alone.

A study was done in 2014 on 102 women with and it was discovered that 63 percent of the women experienced changes in their sex lives after diagnosis. A bigger survey was done in 1028 which revealed that women who lived through a cancer diagnosis have sexual dysfunction as one of the most stressful side effects of cancer treatment. These changes cause a great impact on the quality of life.

Relationships will become stressful and dating can feel tiring. You can also feel uncomfortable in your skin, less attractive, and unwanted to your partner.

Experts have come up with helpful processes to treat this condition. It is also good to know that increased self-awareness is vital to work things out.