Diabetes and Your Eyes – Things to Know


Many people lose their sight due to diabetes. This occurs because half the population with diabetes has refused to get regular eye checks. This is because managing the symptoms of diabetes might be difficult and it requires a range of several health checks.

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the glucose levels in the blood are high. The energy needed to carry out activities is majorly gotten from glucose, which is gotten from the food we consume. Insulin is used to get glucose to needed areas of the body.

When the body is unable to utilize insulin, glucose doesn’t reach the needed areas and is trapped in the blood.

In some cases, people don’t know they are supposed to get their eyes checked while others are unable to fit it into their lives. Diabetes [1] affects the eyes in the following ways:

  • Diabetes can cause vision loss due to diabetic retinopathy (when the little blood vessels behind the eyes are damaged).
  • You lose the ability to focus your eyes on something for a long period. The focusing ability of the eyes deteriorates daily. It is possible to reverse this effect by regulating the blood sugar level.
  • There are other changes in the eyes that will be observed and should be reported immediately to a doctor.