Home Remedies & Natural Treatments for Gouty Arthritis(Gout)

Gout is a specific type of arthritis that arises due to excess uric acid levels in the blood. This condition is characterized by severe and sudden swelling, tenderness, and redness in the joints. In most cases, it occurs in the joints of the big toe.

There is a relationship between gout and osteoarthritis since they both cause similar kinds of pain. However, there are also very distinct differences between them. For treating gout, some natural remedies may help. Please note that it’s crucial to contact a licensed doctor when there is sudden or intense gout pain.

Here are some home remedies and natural treatments for gouty arthritis:


As a mineral, magnesium is crucial to the functioning of the body. It is a dietary mineral with lots of benefits. Magnesium may have anti-inflammatory benefits to the body. Low magnesium intake is connected to chronic inflammation, a significant driver of aging, obesity, and other chronic diseases. A 2015 research proves that an appropriate intake of magnesium is linked to lower levels of uric acid in the blood, which reduces the risk of gout. The study results do not apply to women. [1]