Symptoms of Sinus Headache

Sinus headaches [1] may occur when the sinus passages behind the human eyes, nose, cheeks, and forehead become congested. Individuals may feel these headaches on either or both sides of the head. Note that the pressure doesn’t occur on just the head but in regions around the sinus area.

The headaches may occur seasonally in individuals with allergies. It could also happen occasionally when a specific factor triggers the sinuses. There are various symptoms of sinus headaches. Hence, it’s crucial to know when the headaches that an individual feels are due to sinus.

Most individuals may experience a fever if the sinus blockage is due to an infection. It’s essential to know the various symptoms of the condition for effective treatment.

Pain When Leaning Forward

Sinus headaches typically cause pains that gets worse when the individual leans forward. These pains may involve throbbing pain in the face [2] and head. In most scenarios, the pain may improve when there’s no inflammation.

Individuals with sinus headaches typically experience sinus headaches with other symptoms like decreased energy or fatigue, pressure in the cheeks, forehead, and behind the eyes. Patients may also experience notable symptoms like aching teeth and congestion. Individuals who experience any pain when leaning forward should consult the doctor.