Symptoms of Mild Heart Attack

When severe chest pain appears it is common to immediately associate the pain with the possibility of a heart attack [1]. In fact, this pain is an indication that there is something wrong going on, but it does not always have to do with a heart attack. It can be motivated by a high load of anxiety or adrenaline, or even a panic attack, amongst others. The important thing is to be aware of the signs and know how to identify what it is about. The signs of heart attack are understandable when combined. At the expression of two or three of these signs seek medical help immediately. For you to know how to identify them, know below the main of these signs [2]:

Chest Pain

Not mentioning chest pain as part of the classic symptom of a heart attack would be a massive flaw as chest pain is the most common [3] and main sign of a heart attack. The sensation is as if a great pressure is exerted on the chest (as if an object is pressing on it.) The direction of this compression happens towards the center or a little to the left, often towards the heart. Therefore, this is one of the most painful and alarming symptoms of a heart attack. Although chest pain is usually the most common symptom, some people who have a heart attack do not have chest pain. That is why it is important to be aware of the other warning signs.