Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

A hemorrhoid is characterized by the appearance of inflamed and painful swollen veins in the rectum or anus. [1] Symptoms usually include bleeding, pain in the anal area, and itching. The use of home remedies for hemorrhoids can be very beneficial in the treatment of the disease, as long as they are indicated by a doctor.

When hemorrhoids are very large or appear frequently, the proctologist may recommend surgery, but these homemade measures are generally effective and have a long-lasting effect.

Sitz Bath with Horse Chestnut

One of the most effective natural ingredients against external hemorrhoids is Horse chestnut, as it contains ingredients that help to increase blood circulation. Added to this, horse chestnut is very rich in substances that have very effective anti-inflammatory properties, which quickly relieves discomfort ad pain from hemorrhoids.


  • 60 g bark of the horse chestnut;’
  • 2 bowls of boiling water.

How to Prepare

Pour and mix the appropriate ingredients and boil for about 12 minutes. Allow it to warm up, strain it, and pour the whole mixture into a bowl. Then, you sit in the water for approximately 20 minutes without wearing underwear to allow the fluid to reach the appropriate area. You should repeat this homemade treatment as long as 5 days or more whenever necessary.

This nut can also be taken in the tablet form. To get the best results, you should use 300 mg twice a day.