Exercises & Stretches for Knee Pain

Soreness and discomfort in the knees are quite common among people of all ages. There are many reasons for this such as physical injury, wear and tear due to increased stress, extreme sports and hard manual work. [1] However, more and more cases of joint diseases have been shown to occur due to a sedentary lifestyle.

The benefits that come with exercising the knee joint cannot be overstated. Regular knee gymnastics can help in improving blood flow, maintaining the connections between nerves and muscles, and restoring the volume of synovial fluid (lubricant) in the joint capsules.

In this post, we offer you 10 simple exercises from remedial gymnastics to strengthen your knee joints and keep them healthy. Remember that exercises for the knee joints should be started as early as possible in order to strengthen cartilage, prevent arthrosis, arthritis, and other forms of knee diseases.

Top Exercises for Knee Joints

Trying to exercise a knee that is injured or arthritic seems rather counter-intuitive, but, in fact, keeping your knees undisturbed is worse off than exercising it. [2] Not moving your knee can make it to become stiff, and it can make the pain worse and harder for you to do your daily work. Try out some of these exercises in cases of knee pain;

Warm Up

You can do this by riding five minutes on a stationary bike, 2 minutes of brisk walking, or 20 push-ups combined with dumbbell calf raises. This will help warm you up and protect you from injury. Never forget to warm up before exercising so as to warm up your muscles and avoid pain. At the same time, rest 10 minutes at the end of your stretching workout before leaving.