Hepatitis C Screening: What to know

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that can cause damage to the liver. The disease can be gotten by anyone of any age. Even unborn babies can develop the infection during their gestation period.

Severe and chronic hepatitis C is often asymptomatic, which means people may not know when they have it. Also unlike hepatitis A [1] and hepatitis B, [2] there’s no vaccine that protects you against hepatitis C. All the more reason as to why screening is very important, especially for people who are more at risk.

Hepatitis C screening is done via one or more simple blood tests. There are various screening tests that can be done for hepatitis C. Keep reading the article to know them, also to know more about who should get tested and different other things to know about hepatitis C screening.

What Is Hepatitis C Screening?

To screen for hepatitis C, you need to know if you have the disease. There are several blood tests that can be done to know if you have hepatitis C. They include: