10 Distressing OCD Symptoms

Obsessive-Compulsive Order (OCD) is a common disorder [1] characterized by excessive thoughts that compel you to repeat a specific act. It is usually mild and poses no threat to your mental wellbeing, except when it becomes a chronic disorder, disrupting everyday living.

Here are ten distressing symptoms [2] of OCD:

Obsessive Thoughts

In people with OCD, recurrent thoughts are the first signs to let you know that you have the disorder. These thoughts cannot be waived off or ignored because they take over your thought pattern. So much so that you’re unable to think of anything else. It is different from the persistent thoughts we have at the back of our minds occasionally. Obsessive thoughts in OCD are much more severe; it may interfere with leading everyday lives and is best managed when you seek medical advice. These thoughts may also include sudden and graphic images, which are usually violent.