10 Most Common Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is common in individuals of different age groups. It can be described as the reaction of the body to stress from typical daily activities. In some cases, anxiety can be a healthy feeling, but it can be classified as a disorder when it becomes disproportionate.

When anxiety is classified as a mental health disorder, it leads to high levels of fear and worry. Generally, the feelings that occur from anxiety affects behavior and emotions, which may also cause visible physical symptoms.

In the United States of America, anxiety affects around 40 million individuals, making it one of the country’s commonest mental conditions. However, only 36.9 percent [1] of persons with anxiety disorder get treated for the situation. For this reason, it’s essential to identify the symptoms of the mental health condition for immediate medical attention.

Here are the top ten anxiety symptoms you should know:

Avoiding Social Gatherings or Events

One of the common symptoms of anxiety in children and adults is a social anxiety disorder. Some instances of this condition include feeling anxious or fearful about future social events, worried about others’ criticism, fear of being embarrassed in front of others, and avoidance of social events due to specific fears.

According to a study, social anxiety proved to affect around 12% of American adults [2] at one point in their lifetime. Also, social anxiety may develop from childhood. About 50 percent of individuals were diagnosed with the condition at 11 years old.

Individuals with social anxiety disorders may seem very quiet in most social gatherings, but the condition is closely linked to high self-criticism and low self-esteem. It’s essential to seek help from a professional to help in conducting therapy on the need.