Hot Flashes Signs & Symptoms

Have you ever felt a sudden intense heat wave hit you around your face, neck, chest, the upper body, or your entire body? [1] If you do feel so, then you certainly have experienced a hot flash. Hot flashes are common amongst women in their perimenopause and menopause stages. A hot flash may be described as a sudden and unexpected feeling of hotness or warmth that occurs to a person. Hot flashes may last about 30 seconds or even up to a few minutes, mainly depending on the intensity of each occurring.

What Are the Symptoms of a Hot Flash?

Sudden Feeling of Warmth around One’s Chest, Face or Neck Areas

Experiencing sudden warmth and hotness or an increase in temperature usually marks the beginning of a hot flash. During a hot flash, a person may most likely feel like their body is experiencing a heatwave. Hot flashes are often characterized by this symptom as it is one of the fastest and easiest to detect during a hot flash episode. [2] If a person unexpectedly feels as though their chest, face, and neck are suddenly burning up without any underlying sickness of previous illness, then there is a huge chance that they are experiencing a hot flash. Sometimes it may even extend to their entire burning up but it often occurs only around one’s face and neck.