Sarcoidosis: Diagnosis and Treatment


Sarcoidosis is a condition that causes your immune system to overreact and form granulomas, which are lumps or nodules. Granulomas can cause mild to severe symptoms or none at all, depending on their location and size. They may occasionally progress to fibrosis and leave behind irreversible lung scarring.

Although granulomas can occur practically anywhere in the body, lymph nodes and the lungs are the most typical places to find them. Granulomas may also cause obvious symptoms in your muscles, skin, or eyes.

A granuloma is an area of inflammation brought on by your immune system. It is made up of a group of white blood cells that have been isolated from the rest of your body, it serves as a barrier to shield you from pathogens that your immune system deems dangerous. Granulomas feel hard and lumpy because fibrous (dense) tissue surrounds them.