8 Common Symptoms of ADD(ADHD)

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurological disorder that in most cases begins during childhood and persists through adulthood. It is a chronic condition that is characterized by difficulty in paying attention, being disorganized and easily distracted and forgetfulness.

Genetics and hereditary causes are main factors most researchers talk about in deciding the cause of this deficit disorder. However, a clinical associate professor of pediatrics at the university of Indiana, Micheal Ruff M.D [1], is of the view that DNA is just a part of the cause of ADHD. To him, the causes are more environmental than genetic. Researchers are of the opinion that the causes of ADHD are either genetic or environmental. Environmental causes include the effect of technology (phones, laptops, video games, etc.) and the effects of modernization [2]. The focus is however usually on one more than the other.

The causes of ADHD asides, there are symptoms that point to this disorder, they include:

Behavioral Changes and Cognitive Impairment

People with ADHD often experience certain behavioral changes that tend to change depending on the situation or happenings at the time. While this can seem normal for every human, for an ADD patient, these behaviors form a pattern and are usually manifested excessively and to the extreme. Examples of such behaviors are aggression, irritability, excitability, fidgeting and persistent and constant repetition of action and words.

Cognitive Impairment is a condition that causes a person to have trouble concentrating, remembering, learning and understanding new things. It also makes it hard for a person to make everyday decisions. To check for cognitive impairment, find out if the person hallucinates, is delusional, has constant personality changes, anxiety and frequently gets lost. This is because they are generally absentminded, forgetful, have little or no attention span and find it very hard to focus.