8 Tips for Overcoming New Job Anxiety

Your first day at work or an upcoming new job tends to cause a mix and rush of emotions for most people.

You might feel proud of yourself and satisfied that your hard work has paid off, but you might also notice some uneasiness creeping up amid your excitement.

Then, you start to ask yourself questions such as, ‘what if I can’t handle the workload’, or ‘If the job is nothing like I imagined?’, ‘What if your colleagues think I am not capable?’

These worries and plenty of others might affect your state of mind, leaving you doubtful and overwhelmed before you even start work.

This article will discuss with you eight tips for overcoming new job anxiety. [1]

Find the Source of Your Anxiety

Knowing what it is that got you spooked up might help you find some useful insight towards getting rid of the anxiety.

Once you identify specific triggers, you can start to explore possible solutions:

  • Not sure what to wear to fit in? Try to remember what other employees were wearing when you went to the office for an interview.
  • Worry about being put on the spot when being introduced to your coworkers? Get yourself prepared ahead of time on how to introduce yourself.
  • Transitioning to an in-office job after working remotely due to the pandemic? Protect yourself and others by getting vaccinated. And ensure your company is taking proper precautions.
  • Constant thinking of the possibility that things could go wrong? This anticipatory anxiety can quickly get overwhelming, especially when it relates to things you feel unable to control and new jobs often involve plenty of unknowns.

It would help to be physically and emotionally prepared when working in a new job.