What Are The Treatments For Mumps?

Mumps is an infection affecting the salivary glands and inhibiting the production of saliva. These glands are located near the ears and the condition is caused by the paramyxovirus that inflames one or both glands. The symptoms include low-grade fever, difficulty chewing, fatigue, body aches, headaches, and loss of appetite. Children between the ages of two to twelve have a high risk of contracting this virus, but symptoms are often minimal compared to adults.

The swelling may appear physically at the sides of the face close to the ear and is usually painful. These symptoms may last between ten to twenty-five days then the body becomes immune to the virus from that time on. The paramyxovirus is contagious. Hence, infected persons should be isolated and maintain social distancing.

Here are six known treatments for the mumps virus.

Soft and Liquid Foods

Soft foods are ideal for persons infected with the mumps virus because it minimizes chewing, which is an act that may be painful to do when you have mumps. [1] For drinks, water is the safest option because soda or fruit juices contain properties that stimulate the salivary gland, causing pain. For solids, bland foods like mashed potatoes or oatmeal are ideal because they don’t require chewing before swallowing.

It is advisable to avoid harsh flavors or spicy foods when suffering from this condition because they could trigger the digestive system to produce saliva, which causes pain.