Home Remedies for Nerve Pain

Reduce Sugar Consumption and Avoid Alcohol

The littlest elevation in blood sugar level can cause nerve pain. Excess consumption of sugar can worsen cases of nerve pain by contributing to the damage of specific organs. Also, when sugar is consumed moderately, it can improve the symptoms—foods containing high sugar  content such as potatoes, rice, wheat, oat, and rice. People with diabetes are usually advised to keep their blood sugar level low because regulated blood sugar states are one of the best self-care that can be done.

Alcohols are very harmful to nerve tissues; they contain numerous toxins and toxic substances that exacerbate nerve pain. Nerve pain caused by alcohol is usually called alcohol neuropathy. When alcohols are consumed in excess, they deplete the functions of nutrients that improve nerve pain. So, in most cases, medicals doctors advise patients to avoid it completely, to avoid further damage to essential organs in the body. Besides contributing to the worsening of nerve pain, alcohol is also responsible for several medications. Therefore, alcohol should be avoided entirely or taking moderately to improve nerve pain.