Things You Need to Know about Sunburn

What are the various severities of sunburn?

The manifestations of sunburn differ between people. Sunburn can affect anyone, but those with lighter skin are more susceptible.

You can expect the following if you have sunburn:

  • A rash usually appears 2–6 hours after exposure.
  • Skin symptoms peak around 12–24 hours after exposure.
  • The skin peels and flakes off around 4–7 days later.

Common symptoms of sunburn

After exposure, the skin may get: hot, sensitive to the touch, painful, irritated, itchy, blistered, and light skin may turn red. Darker skin may get to a darker tone.

Symptoms of serious sunburn can affect the whole body. They are fever [1], chills, headache [2], nausea and vomiting, and a general feeling of being unwell.