What May Cause Stomach Pain? 10 Triggers To Know

Stomach pain is often used to describe pain in the abdomen and surrounding areas. Almost everyone will experience stomach pain at some point in their lives, multiple times even. There are several causes of stomach pain. Most episodes are not serious, but sometimes abdominal pain is a symptom of an underlying problem.

Abdominal pain may be acute, chronic, or worsen over time. The causes of most episodes are never discovered. Without a diagnosis, it is hard to tell the cause because stomach pain is a nonspecific symptom.

If you frequently have stomach pain, you should see a doctor for a diagnosis. In this article, you will learn 10 possible causes of this symptom.


Sometimes the cause of your stomach pain is the accumulation of gas in your gut [1]. Gas is normal in the digestive tract, but certain factors can cause this gas to build up to the point it causes pain. Some foods like beans are common causes of gas although not everyone reacts to them in the same way. The painful gas buildup may also be caused by constipation.

When your stomach pain is caused by gas buildup, you will often feel bloated or full. Your stomach may slowly swell and the pain and swelling might be relieved temporarily by burping or farting before the cycle starts again. It often feels like there is movement inside your stomach.