Baby Heat Rash: Types, Duration, Treatment & More

What causes heat rash in babies

Heat rash develops when sweat becomes trapped in blocked sweat ducts in the skin, resulting in fluid-filled pimples on the skin.

The bumps typically appear in areas of friction, such as where one body part rubs against another or where skin-contacting clothing rubs.

Did the rash occur overnight?

Sometimes youngsters will get heat rash when they are asleep. If blankets are overly thick, pajamas are too big, or the fabric isn’t breathable, heat and sweat may be trapped.

Try the following advice:

  • Utilize a thin blanket.
  • Stack blankets.
  • Choose comfortable cotton nightwear.

It is preferable to stack lightweight blankets so you may remove one when the room warms back up if temps dip and your baby’s room becomes too cool for comfortable sleeping.