Should I Worry About a Crusty Mole?

Moles are clusters of skin pigmentation that often develop throughout adolescence. Even while moles are generally benign, there are those that warrant our attention, particularly moles that begin to alter.

Melanoma may be indicated by a mole that changes in appearance. Melanocytes, or skin pigment-producing cells, are where melanomas, a serious and occasionally fatal form of skin cancer, develop.

Should you be concerned if scabbing over your mole is one of the changes you notice? Yes. Scabbing might be an indication of melanoma. However, there’s a chance that you inadvertently scraped your skin, damaging the mole. Learn how to spot malignant moles and when to see a doctor by continuing to read.

Scabby moles are cancerous?

There are two possibilities when you notice a mole that you’ve had for a while and it has a scab or looks “crusty”:

  1. The first is that your mole was hurt when you merely grazed your skin.
  2. The second is the scab, which is a melanoma warning sign.