The Ultimate Guide To Ear Stretching (Ear Gauging)

Ear stretching is also known as ear gauging. It occurs when you stretch out piercings in your earlobes. After a while, the size of these holes may increase from the diameter of a pen to the diameter of a soda can. It takes a lot of efforts and time to stretch your ear. If the stretch is not done appropriately, it may make you susceptible to infection and lead to permanent injuries or scars. The procedure must be done by an expert or a professional.

This article will explain how to perform ear stretching, what to do to avoid complications or side effects, and how to change your ear gauges.

What Is Ear Stretching?

Ear stretching is a procedure that started many years ago. It is still used in many traditions like the Huaorani in the Amazon and the Nassau in Kenya.

In 1991, a preserved human body, “ice man” with stretched earlobes was discovered in Germany.