Y Strap: Uses, Effectiveness, Safety & More

What is a Y strap?

A Y strap is also known as the y-axis traction strap. It is a chiropractic decompression equipment that works like a hands-on spinal decompression. The strap is used to relieve tension in the vertebrae by stretching the spine. The spine must be stretched in a gradual and soft manner to prevent any spine injuries.

How to use the Y strap

  • The lower part of the Y strap is placed safely close to the back of your head, beneath your skull.
  • A tight space is left in the middle of the strap. The tightening provides a tight space at the superior part of the strap. This space gives room for a handgrip.
  • The handgrip is held by your chiropractor with two hands. The strap will be placed in a position up and away from your body.
  • Your chiropractor pulls the strap away from your body in a soft, but firm manner. Pulling the strap is what decompresses and reduces tension in your spine.

In some cases, your chiropractor may perform this technique with little side-to-side movement. This mode of movement is done to boost the flexibility of the spine and increase mobility. Your chiropractor may also use a gentle tug to reduce tension and decompress the vertebrae.