Speed Braces – Effectiveness, Cost, Comparisons, and More

Speed Braces and How Do They Work?

Speed Braces are a brand of fixed, self-ligating braces. Like traditional braces, Speed Braces are made from metal. The Speed Braces website says these braces are about 30 percent smaller than traditional braces, but are not designed for invisibility, like Invisalign.

Speed braces cannot be removed at home. To use speed need braces, you need recommendation from an orthodontist. Your orthodontist [1] will place the braces in your teeth and adjust them as they should be. For it removal you’ll need to visit the hospital.

Traditional braces have three components that all work together to correct and align teeth. They are:

  • brackets which fasten onto each tooth
  • an archwire which runs through each bracket
  • ligatures that hold the archwire in place (metal ties or elastic bands)

Speed Braces like all self-ligating braces, do not use ligatures to affix the archwire to the brackets. Instead, each bracket contains a spring clip mechanism. The spring clip exerts constant pressure upon the archwire, which acts to move teeth into the desired position over time.