Sudden Ankle Pain without an Injury: Causes and Treatments


Have you ever experienced pain in the ankle and not been able to trace it to any particular injury? Or perhaps you were just walking and suddenly a pain shoots through your ankle for no obvious reason. It could also happen just when you wake up on any particular morning and you start feeling pain in your ankle, not knowing what might have caused it.

Ankle pains may not only be a result of an injury. There are other health conditions apart from fractures and sprains that can cause pain in the ankle. Other causes of pain in the ankle asides injuries include arthritis and several other autoimmune conditions. If you notice pain in your ankle it may mean that you have an autoimmune condition, you should immediately see your doctor.

Your ankle pain can still be treated, the best approach is to treat the root cause of the pain. Ensure to see your doctor so that it can be identified.