Burning Foot Pain Causes

Burning foot pain usually is due to nerve damage in the legs. In most cases, this nerve damage is usually due to diabetes. Please note that aside from diabetes, there are many other common causes. Pain felt from burning felt from a burning foot may occur frequently or intermittently. Moreover, the pain it causes may also be mild or severe.

The feet may feel a prickling, tingling, or hot sensation. In some patients, the feet may also feel numb. Often, people with burning foot pain experience severe sensations at night. Doctors typically investigate the underlying cause of this condition before undergoing the treatment procedure.

Here are some of the common causes of burning foot pain:

High Intake of Alcohol

When alcohol is consumed in high quantities, it may lead to nerve damage called alcoholic neuropathy. Aside from burning foot pain, people with heavy alcohol usage may notice muscle weakness, muscle spasms, and muscle function loss. Other symptoms of alcoholic neuropathy are dizziness, impaired speech, urinary and bowel dysfunction. Please note that some nerve damage may be irreversible. However, quitting alcohol may help prevent the individual from having worse symptoms.