Sun Bleaching Hair: Do’s and Don’ts

Sun bleaching is one of the best ways of toning your hair into a lighter color. Sun bleach affects the level of melanin in your hair thereby making it lighter. Melanin [1] is a natural pigment that gives the skin and the hair its color. Any rise or fall in the level of melanin will affect the color of your hair. The process of sun bleaching is an easy and natural process and you might not require the help of a hair doer. Read on to find out the things you should and the things you should not do when sun bleaching your hair.

Does Sitting In The Sun For Long Help Bleach Your Hair?

Sitting in the sun for long periods helps to bleach your hair but not to a great extent. Staying in the sun for too long helps to lighten your hair but you might not get the result you want by just staying in the sun.

People with lighter hair however get a better result than people with darker hair. The result is better when you stay in the sun whilst using lemon juice or other hair lightening products.