8 Causes of Night Sweats

Night sweat, also known as excessive perspiration or sweating at night, is a very uncomfortable feeling or condition. Even though it is a core part of how the body regulates its temperature and is considered normal, excessive sweating in the middle of the night is another case. Night sweat happens when you are sleeping, and there is no form of physical exertion to relate to. It is not because the blanket is thick or the bedroom is warm. I’m sure you are wondering what then could be the cause of night sweat.

Night sweat can be related to underlying health conditions, health issues, or conditions that cause one to sweat excessively while sleeping. Night sweat makes it difficult for one to sleep well, and if you share the bed with a partner, it would also cause you, or/and partner, to not sleep comfortably. To distinguish between night sweats caused by environmental conditions and those that are caused by certain health conditions, the doctors usually refer to actual night sweats as hot flashes that can make the sweating as excessive as your whole sleepwear and bed sheet drenching in sweat. [1]

This article will discuss with you eight causes of night sweat.


Menopause is a cause of night sweating. Women experiencing menopause tend to have hot flashes as one of the signs of menopause. These hot flashes can occur at night and cause sweating. Menopause is a prevalent cause of night sweats. This condition is usually in the premenopausal stage. [2] It is because, during menopause, there is an occurrence of significant hormonal changes that could cause hot flashes. Hot flashes as a symptom of menopause can occur for several years; this explains why many women during menopause report sleeping problems and a high rate of insomnia.