What Is Coke Bloat?

After consuming cocaine, [1] it’s usual to see facial bloating and puffiness. Even its own term, “coke bloat,” describes it. Frequently, the cheekbones and area beneath the chin are the most noticeable.

Here’s a closer look at the causes, treatments, and prevention of coke bloat.

Why Do Some People Get a Puffy Face after Using Cocaine?

Coke bloat may occur for a variety of causes, including fluid retention and hormone imbalances. But the fact that the cocaine isn’t pure is one possible cause of bloating after consumption.

The veterinary deworming drug, levamisole has emerged as one of the most prevalent adulterants in cocaine. In humans, it’s linked to a range of issues, such as skin necrosis, joint pain, and convulsions.

Another negative impact? It is inflamed glands. The parotid glands which are the sizable salivary glands in front of your ears fall within this category. They may swell up as a result of levamisole’s irritating properties, creating the appearance of puffiness and bloating.

Furthermore, snorting cocaine can aggravate and inflame your nasal passages, which can also lead to facial edema.