Carotid Artery Surgery Information

The carotid arteries are located on either side of the neck. Their job is to provide the brain and face with oxygen-rich blood needed for full functionality. The carotid arteries are vital because the blood doesn’t get to the brain, and your brain cells could die without them. If blood cannot get to the brain, this could result in a stroke. A stroke [1] is a severe medical condition that could cause temporary or permanent physical and mental impairment. If there is an issue with your carotid artery, your doctor may recommend carotid artery surgery.

What is carotid artery surgery?

Carotid artery surgery is done when you have carotid artery disease. This is when the carotid artery is filled up with a substance called plaque composed of cholesterol, fat, and calcium. This leads to a condition called stenosis, narrowing this passageway, thereby restricting blood flow to the vital organs.

Tiny components of these plaques may break loose and flow to the smaller artery in the brain. This can cause embolism if it happens. If the passageway gets extremely narrow, it can completely restrict blood flow to the brain, which can cause a stroke.

A carotid artery surgery also called carotid endarterectomy (CEA), is performed to remove these plaques from the artery and allow for blood flow, thereby reducing your risk of a stroke or other diseases.