Amyloidosis: Causes, Types, Diagnosis and More

Symptoms of amyloidosis

Based on particular proteins and where their fibrils rest, amyloidosis symptoms change. For instance, fainting, shortness of breath, or weakness are symptoms of cardiac amyloidosis and may be indicators of irregular heart rhythms or heart failure. Symptoms of renal (kidney) amyloidosis can include swelling legs and feet. Typical general signs include:

  • Extreme tiredness or exhaustion is referred to as fatigue. Anemia, which is characterized by reduced amounts of healthy red blood cells, frequently causes fatigue.
  • Loss of weight without cause.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome [3] symptoms include a weak grip.
  • Joint discomfort: elevated amyloid serum A protein could aggravate joint discomfort.
  • Rashes: Amyloidosis, whether systemic or localized, may result in a rash or bruises around your eyes.