Cushing Syndrome – Diagnosis and Treatment


Here are some of the common signs that a person is suffering from Hypercortisolism:

  • Moon face – The patient develops an extremely round or plump face, that wasn’t there before.
  • You may notice a fatty hump between your shoulders.
  • Odd-looking stretch marks (pink or purple color) may start to appear on your skin.
  • Increased fat in the neck and above the collarbone and upper back
  • Altered memory or inability to retain memory
  • You may have a difficult time thinking straight or clearly
  • Mood and behavioral disorders like depression and anxiety
  • Extreme weakness all day long
  • Muscle weakness or low energy that makes you get tired easily
  • You may start to experience problems with your menstrual cycle like irregular menses
  • Weak and brittle bones also known as Osteoporosis
  • You may develop diabetes, which is caused by blood sugar levels
  • Increase in high blood pressure levels
  • Blood clots start to form in leg veins
  • Cardiovascular problems like heart attack
  • Stroke or hypertension
  • Multiple bone fractures and skin bruises
  • Weight gain in your midriff due to fat build-up
  • Weight loss in the legs and arms
  • Fertility or reproduction problems in men and women

You must know that these symptoms may also be signs of other health conditions, so it is best to get diagnosed to know the exact condition.

A high percentage of persons who suffer from Crushing’s syndrome is between the ages of twenty to fifty.