10 Trigger Finger Exercises for Pain, Stiffness and More


Trigger finger is a condition portrayed by expanding in or around the ligaments inside the hand. Ligaments/tendons are groups of fibrous stringy connective tissue that are involved in connecting muscle to bone. They permit muscles to pull on bones, empowering movement. Trigger fingers can cause torment and may restrict movement of the fingers and thumbs. Stretching exercises that are gentle can help mitigate these symptoms.

The hands contain flexor tendons, which associate the lower arm muscles to the bones of the thumb and fingers. The flexor ligaments go through a construction called the tendon sheath [1], which reaches out from the wrist to the digits. Inside the ligament sheath is a ‘wheel’ that holds the ligaments near the finger bone and thumb bone. As the muscles of the lower arm contract, the ligaments coast through the pulleys, permitting the thumb or fingers to twist.

In trigger finger, either the ligament or its pulley becomes aggravated, which means the ligament can’t go effectively through the pulley. All things considered, the ligament may get on the ligament sheath, making the influenced thumb or finger lock in position. Specialists now and then allude to trigger finger as stenosing tenosynovitis [2].