12 Home Remedies and Treatments for A Stiff Neck


A stiff neck is a condition that occurs when you find it difficult to move your neck towards a certain direction. Studies show that the condition affects over 10% of the population at a particular time. Since neck stiffness can be caused by many factors, doctors usually find it difficult to determine the main cause. In most cases, a stiff neck usually occurs when you’re experiencing a muscle spasm, or contraction, which is also known as a muscle strain. A neck strain is known to affect the ligaments, or tough tissues that connect and stabilize your bones. Stiff neck may also occur due to inflammation in the tissue that attaches muscles in the neck to bones, tendinitis [1].

Are you constantly experiencing muscle spasm in your neck? Does your neck feel stiff regularly? You have come to the right place. This article will discuss the symptoms of a stiff neck and 12 home treatments and remedies for the condition.