Croup Remedies: 10 Home Treatments That Work

Croup is a viral upper respiratory infection. Studies show that it affects about 3% of all children between ages 6 months and 3 years old. It can also be seen in older children and adults. The most common cause is the parainfluenza virus. There is no permanent cure for the condition, but several medical and at-home treatments may help you feel better.

This article will discuss 10 home remedies that can help relieve the condition.

How symptoms can help diagnose croup

Although croup can be seen in both children and adults, studies show that it is more common in children. The condition is usually accompanied by various symptoms. The major symptoms of croup include:

  • Inspiratory stridor, a high-pitched wheezing sound when a person breathes in
  • Hoarseness when speaking
  • Low-grade fever (although not everyone gets a fever when they have croup)
  • Fast breathing
  • Stuffy nose

These symptoms are usually more severe at night. They also get worse anytime you cry. Doctors don’t need to run any tests to diagnose the condition. This is because it is so common that they can actually identify the symptoms by doing a physical exam. Your doctor might order an X-ray or blood testing to get full confirmation and to identify croup signs. Croup makes a child’s cough sound bad. Studies show that about 85% of the conditions are mild and are highly treatable.