Wrist Pain: Causes & Treatment Options


Wrist pain is a common symptom that may occur due to a wide variety of medical conditions. Conditions that occur due to inflammation in the wrist joint, such as arthritis can cause pain in your wrist. Most cases of wrist pain are mild and may go away on their own. However, severe cases are often accompanied by complications such as numbness or swelling.

Wrist pain can be defined as any discomfort that occurs in the wrist. It can be caused by a wide variety of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, arthritis, acute injury, and many more. The wrist may be a small part of the body, but it consists of eight bones, several ligaments and tendons, making it a dangerous place to sustain injuries.

Treatment options for wrist pain often depend on the etiology. Therefore, it is highly imperative to contact your doctor for a proper diagnosis before commencing treatments. This article will discuss a few medical conditions that can cause it and how they do. It will also discuss safe treatment options that help relieve pain.